Mini Murals Austin

UP Art Studio has designed a program to support civic art and to beautify neighborhoods throughout Austin and Houston. The project has been created to focus on community and civic pride and enhancing visual aesthetics in the neighborhood and the urban landscape. The primary project goal is to bring art to unexpected places, where they can add joy to people’s everyday lives.

This project reimagines traffic signal control cabinets (also referred to as utility cabinets) as blank canvases brimming with creative opportunity, inviting artistic expression for all to enjoy. Each cabinet installation is funded by a Sponsor.

Mini Murals is the name of the program created and managed by UP Art Studio. UP Art Studio currently is working under contract with the City of Austin Department of Transportation, to create Mini Murals installations that meet the guidelines of the City’s Artbox Program. More than 200 Mini Mural cabinet transformations have been completed in Houston; UP Art Studio aims for the project to be equally successful in Austin.

The first phase of Mini Murals Austin involved the installation of four artist-enhanced signal cabinets, which Austin Transportation Department sponsored. The four boxes are located at:

  • Rundberg Ln. at the Little Walnut Creek Library | Georgian Acres/North Austin
  • MLK Blvd. and Guadalupe St. | Central Austin / UT Campus
  • E. Stassney Ln and Jacaranda Dr. | Dove Springs
  • Arroyo Seco and W Koenig Ln. | Brentwood

Stakeholders in these communities were invited to participate in the process. All stages of the community engagement have been completed and can be reviewed here. The four Mini Murals were installed in May 2019.

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