Mini Murals Program FAQ


Please visit all pages within for comprehensive program information, including materials specifically for interested artists and sponsors.

I’m an artist (or know a good one).  How can a specific artist be commissioned for a Mini Mural?
We love to receive applications from local artists for the Mini Murals Artist Registry.  Artists accepted for the registry are then eligible to submit proposals, in response to Calls for Renderings, and receive commissions for specific projects. Please visit to read the Artist Info page, learn about how to apply, and see about current/rolling Calls for Artists.

Who runs the Houston Mini Murals Program?
Mini Murals is a proprietary program of UP Art Studio, an independent contractor.  All Traffic Signal Control Cabinet Murals in the City of Houston are overseen by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Public Works and Engineering. The vast majority of the murals seen on cabinets in the public realm, in and around Houston, are UP Art Studio projects.

How do I request a Mini Mural in my neighborhood?
If you are in the City of Houston, please fill out the inquiry form on the City’s website. Let us know the specific intersection you have in mind.  Traffic signal control cabinets are located at all signalized intersections; however, not all are available for the program.  We are not able to use cabinets that are the property of utilities or telecommunication companies. All Mini Murals require a sponsor. For information on how to find a sponsor for a Mini Mural in your neighborhood, see below. For any questions, please contact the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) or email

How are Mini Murals funded?
Each installation is funded by a Sponsor. Sponsors have included Municipalities, City Council Member offices, management districts, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and charitable donors.

How can we sponsor a Mini Mural?
We’d love to have you!  Please see the Mini Murals Program Overview for Sponsors, and submit a Sponsor Application. The sponsorship fee for a Mini Mural varies by community and the package of services selected; please contact us for a quote. The all-inclusive fee covers all project costs; it includes a stipend paid directly to the artist. The remainder of the fee covers project management services, technical production, professional preparation and coating of the cabinet, photography, website, community engagement and PR, etc.

Sponsors have opportunities for input into the location, theme/subject matter, artist selection, and final artwork selection. They also assist with community engagement. Final decision making authority rests with the City and UP Art Studio.

How do we find a sponsor for a Mini Mural in our neighborhood?
Residents should start by contacting their City Council Office. The Council Office may be interested in sponsoring a Mini Mural or have suggestions for other sponsors.  If the Council Office is interested in sponsoring your neighborhood Mini Mural, they will contact MOCA to start the process. If you live in an area that funds projects through a Management District or TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone), those entities can also serve as sponsors.

Local businesses or organizations in your area may be interested in serving as sponsors.  Many community-driven neighborhood improvement projects nationally are funded through crowdfunding platforms, such as IOBY. Online platforms make it easy to share information about the project and raise funds through smaller contributions from multiple donors.

How do I report vandalism, damage, or graffiti to a Mini Mural?
Email with the location, and photos if possible.

I have a suggestion or question not covered above.
Please email  We look forward to hearing from you!

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