Program Overview for Sponsors

Mini Murals is a civic art program that brightens and elevates the public realm for all.  We look forward to welcoming you as a sponsor for a Mini Mural.

About the Program

Mini Murals is an award-winning program of UP Art Studio that transforms drab utility cabinets in the public right of way. It uses the cabinets as blank “canvases” for original artwork, primarily by local artists. Mini Murals instill civic pride while beautifying neighborhoods and making cities more inviting places to visit, live, work, and do business.  

Started in Houston, Texas in 2015, the program has grown to other cities. UP Art Studio has produced and installed more than 400 Mini Murals – with more continuously in development.

To get started, submit a Sponsorship Application. We will get in touch and send a Sponsorship Agreement. The Agreement provides further details about the program, the process, project delivery, and the role of Sponsors.

Sponsorship Fee

Projects are sponsored by cities, other governmental entities, businesses, community groups, and individuals. People love Mini Murals!  Sponsors earn tremendous goodwill by giving this gift to the community.

The sponsorship fee for a Mini Mural varies by community and the package of services selected; please contact us for a quote. The all-inclusive fee covers all project costs; it includes a stipend paid directly to the artist. The remainder of the fee covers project management services, technical production, professional preparation and coating of the cabinet, photography, website, community engagement and PR, etc.

Primarily, the cabinets used are city-owned traffic signal control cabinets at signalized intersections.  Our program services include coordinating with city government for all required project reviews and approvals.

Sponsor Recognition

As a Sponsor, you will be credited in all communications and online information about the project.  This  recognition includes project materials, news releases, social media posts, and the project listing on

Sponsors are recognized on the page for the Mini Mural that is commissioned, as featured on the program website, also credits the artist, with links to artists’ online presence (e.g. website, Instagram, or Facebook). Artists typically promote their Mini Mural on social media, as does UP Art Studio, to reach thousands of followers. UP Art Studio promotions include a Sponsor credit.

Marketing & PR

We actively promote new Mini Murals projects through our social media accounts and website, as well as via the Houston Mural Map, Mini Mural Tours, and other PR efforts. All individual project references link to the program website, which recognizes the Sponsor.

Sponsor FAQ’s

We have a specific intersection or neighborhood in mind.  Can we select the location?
Yes!  Just tell us the site you prefer, and we will coordinate for approval.  If for some reason the city or other entity rejects the site (for example, because they plan to replace the cabinet soon) we will get information on alternate sites nearby to recommend.  You can also suggest a several locations initially, in ranked order. For cabinets in the city of Houston, submit an inquiry form online.

We have a certain artist in mind.  Can we recommend or select the artist for our Mini Mural?
Yes! Sponsors do have the ability to recommend, review, and approve the artist and artwork for the project that they sponsor.  As part of our project management protocol, artists are required to apply for our Artist Registry. We will provide you with that list, upon request. Only artists accepted to the Mini Murals Artist Registry may be considered for a Mini Mural commission.

If the artist is not already a part of the program, please ask the artist to visit the ARTISTS page at for step-by-step directions on how to apply. Please encourage any artist you have in mind to get their Registry application submitted ASAP. Applications may be submitted any time.  They are reviewed by our selection panel in batches, every few months. The Artist will be notified as soon as a decision is made.

All artists selected for the program sign an Artist Agreement with UP Art Studio. This serves to ensure professional project delivery.

We have specific imagery in mind.  Can we provide our desired “theme” to the artist?
Yes! This information can be included in the Call for Renderings for the specific Mini Mural. We recommend keeping the theme open-ended, allowing the artist to use their creativity in interpreting it. We love seeing the ideas and images that artists propose! We also provide Sponsors with a PDF of “stock” renderings available (proposed imagery previously submitted by participating artists, but not yet selected for a Mini Mural).

Artwork proposals are encouraged that positively reflect the unique culture, racial identities, history, and iconic public figures of the surrounding neighborhood. Often Mini Murals tell a story, or reflect one.  Consider that the artwork will remain in place for many years. For some projects, UP Art Studio conducts a formal community engagement process in which the artist participates.

Artists accepted to the registry are provided with Design Guidelines that provide the details and the rules for developing a conceptual artist rendering for a project.  They are included in the Program Rules for Artists, which are provided once artists are accepted into the registry.

Can you put our company logo on the Mini Mural?
Unfortunately, no. Cities have sign ordinances that prohibit advertising on their utility cabinets. No commercial logos, advertising, or promotional language can be included.

I want to honor someone I know on a Mini Mural. Is that possible?
Possibly. At this time the City will consider portraits for deceased cultural icons, civic leaders, achievers of notable “firsts”/barrier breakers in history, and famous athletes with a history of civic/charitable service.

Can the Sponsor review and approve the final artwork?
Yes.  The artist first submits a proposal (conceptual rendering).  The proposed rendering is reviewed by UP Art Studio, the Sponsor, and local officials (e.g. for compliance with the City Sign Ordinance that prohibits advertising.)  If a rendering in not accepted, the artist may submit another concept. Artists are officially commissioned for the project only after the rendering is accepted.

We look forward to reviewing your Sponsor Application for the Mini Murals Program. Thank you!

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