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Painting for me is a form of communication, the purest way to express my thoughts and feelings. The choice of color, the use of lines, the texture of paint are all tools I use to tell a story, to express my ideas. For better understanding and deeper examination, I like to focus and analyze an idea over several paintings in a series. Each series thus consists of paintings that present a similar idea, but focusing on different characteristics of the subject matter. I also work with different mediums and materials, and play around with light, color, and texture to create an interesting surface and to further explore my subject matter. Once I feel a subject has been fully explored, I move on to a different idea and begin working on a new series.

My current work draws strongly on a wide range of unique life experiences, as well as the study of architecture and nature. My paintings are not just descriptions of reality, but also reflections of my thoughts and feelings at the moment of inspiration.

I have been commissioned to create public art work in the past, while I lived in San Diego from 2004 to 2006. I have experience painting interior and exterior murals. I have attached my resume and several images of my paintings to this application. One of the images is a design for an outside mural that I recently submitted to the city of San Marcos. Another image is of a 10 foot umbrella painted to decorate the courtyard of a condo complex built in San Diego. I’ve created several umbrellas like this, one for the courtyard in San Diego’s City Hall and others for architectural developments.

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