Jason “JDUB” Williams

My name is Jason Williams, I also go by a moniker I have acquired over the years, ‘JDUB’. I am a Houston based artist and graphic designer. I have been a creative freelancer for 3 years now. My style is an incorporation of different art techniques in a layer based format. These styles and techniques could be considered Contemporary Abstract, Pop Art, and Surrealism. I portray conflicting ideas not only with imagery and style, but with strong, contrasting, vibrant colors and textures. The subject matter of my paintings derives from an extremely personal place and I think this gives me an edge within my work. Being from the United Kingdom and moving to the Houston area at a very impressionable age, I feel that I have acquired a unique perspective of this amazing city. Dealing with that culture shock and adapting to the lifestyle of my new home was probably the most influential reasons of why I wanted to pursue my career as an artist. When I was unsure, I would paint, When I was lonely, I would paint. Through out my ups and downs, I would paint. 

 In my designs for this project i would like to create a view of Houston from my perspective, paying homage to the city that helped me grow into the artist that I am today. I would like to use the unique styles and techniques mentioned previously, blended with a Houston influence. Not only is this a great opportunity as an artist but this would also be a huge honor to be able to give back to the city that has given me so much. 

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