Lee Washington

1970: Baby Lee – Lee, at one one-year-old, is destined to be The One.

1976: Master Lee – At six, Lee is elated that he can draw so well so early in life.

1985: Ol’ Skool Lee – By 16, Lee is dividing his time and talents between full-time graphics and part-time airbrush artistry.

1990: Ole’ G Lee – At 21, Lee is at the peak of his artistic career, which would later become a downfall.

2000: Renaissance Lee – Not one to give up and restored, Lee is back on track and ready to take his mind, body, soul and talents to the next level.

2005: THE ONE LEE – At 36, determined, dedicated and disciplined to be what his Mother (R.I.P), brother, family and friends have spoken into him; that he is a “famous artist”.

2015: PRESENT DAY THE ONE LEE – Now 45 and painting 3D and living 3D (determined, dedicated, and disciplined) to become a better artist and person.

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