Mathieu JN Baptiste

Mathieu was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and based in Houston, Texas. Mathieu spent his early years in Haiti and Minneapolis, USA. He studied Art and Photography at Ecole Nationale des Arts (Enarts), a university in Port Au Prince, Haiti resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.

Mathieu uses paint and metal as tools to unite the world around him. He states, ‘This world is filled with confusion and misunderstandings as people struggle and strive in this beautifully, complex, maze of life.” Mathieu’s art reflect the good, the hopeful, and the interconnectedness for a better world. Mathieu’s pieces are based on oppressed subjects and populations unsung stories and harsh realities that are voiceless and sometimes never expressed. Mathieu’s purpose is to manipulate art to give voice to the oppressed in this ever evolving generation.

Artists Work

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