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Mez is most known for richly colored portrait and figurative paintings. Samples of his work can be found on the streets, restaurants, and throughout homes across America. Born just outside Chicago but raised in Texas, Mez attended the Art Insititute of Houston.

The complex range of Mez’s styles can be summed up in a couple of key works. His ‘Susanna Dickenson and Child’ piece found in the historic town of Gonzales, Texas, showcases his ability to create fine art that highlights more than just the obvious; and his “”Third Eye Cigarette Guys”” display seemingly aggressive characters that have a way of radiating subtle emotion and distinct personality with every twinkle of the eye.

In 1996 Mez was a young artist who created his first graffiti piece under a bridge along some railroad tracks. Always inspired and motivated by the works he saw through, illustration, comics, graffiti and fine art he worked over the years to hone his skill any chance he got. After years of cutting his teeth and developing his style, he is a member of two legendary graffiti collectives, Time Is Too Short from California and the crew that put Texas on the map, No Boundaries.

As a lifelong student of art, Mez will never stop learning. He continues to perfect his craft by focusing on highly rendered, sometimes photorealistic pieces. In the future, he plans to produce more canvas work and looks forward to unveiling them in galleries alongside some of his favorite contemporaries.

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