Niz is a female stencil artist from Lima, Peru that specializes in myhtical photorealism. She got her start in the world of skateboarding and hip hop, hand painting and stencilling iconic figures on skatebaords and grip tape. Niz fuses multi layered stencil art with watered down housepaint to create ethereal portraits that are meant to connect us with the magic in nature and the mythos in every day life. She makes use of vibrant, somewhat monochromatic colors in her backgrounds, that mimic ecelectic scenes in nature. These streaky backgrounds are juxtaposed by crisp, photorealistic portraits. “I want my viewers to be reminded of their connection to primal human emotions as well as the magic and wonder of our collective unconscious…I want them to to feel a nostalgia for the places reflected in my backgrounds. It is less important to me that they identify form so much as it is that they connect emotionally and spiritually to the colors and imagery”. Recent clients include REI and XX. Niz lives and works in Austin, Texas.

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