Born in 1986, in Oklahoma City, Shelbi-Nicole spent just a short time there before moving to Houston, TX. Aware from a very early age that painting and drawing were essential to her identity, she continually explored different shapes and forms of abstract art through her formative years. By age 18, Shelbi-Nicole relocated to France, where she had access to a range of art museums, and truly started to explore herself as an artist. She eventually moved to Miami and developed a passion for bright colors and vivid shapes, which are very much a part of her signature look today. After Miami, she headed back to Texas and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Houston. Since then, she’s been creating a name for herself in the Houston art scene and maintaining a small studio space in downtown Houston. Shelbi-Nicole’s work can be found in public and private art collections, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. ​

For more knformation, visit http://shelbinicole.com

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