Renee Victor

I was born in Trinidad and raised in New York City. I attended Pratt Institute for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. My visual vocabulary leans toward abstraction but I enjoy illustration as well.  I live and work in Houston, Texas.

Artist Statement

As an urban interpretive painter and sculptor, I am intrigued by texture, sound, lines and atmosphere. I translate surroundings and locations as audio waves or sounds, personalities, and shapes.

I enjoy crossing art boundaries through mixed media, For example, I mix sumi ink and acrylic paint together, joining the properties of both media in my ink work. Or I use paper and acrylic as a papier-mâché texture to make a painting a crossover into sculpture.

In my drawings, paintings and murals, some themes that interest me are: Aviation, the human form, conversations, music, traffic patterns, cityscapes, rock formations, astronomy, geographical maps and organic forms.

Artists Work

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